New Window

Bev is getting a new window for Christmas. The family room of our house had a nasty slider that opened to the backyard. The track of the slider was corroded, and the aluminum frame was dull and tarnished.

Earlier this week Russell, the glass guy, came and installed the new window. And what a difference it made! Bev has floated around the house and is looking forward to finding a treatment, painting, and doing other decorating. Getting rid of the old slider was like exorcising the remnants of the former owners.

Having a lovely place to invite people is pleasant. Since moving to Merced our house has become Grand Central Station, and we’ve enjoyed the added entertaining room that it has given us.

Our daughter is coming next week, and she is going to be Bev’s decorating consultant. I plan to make myself scarce as they start to slap paint and rearrange rooms.

The window won’t make our home more hospitable. But it will be nicer to look at.