The Buzz

We’ve hoped and prayed that the networking we’ve been doing here in Merced would eventually convert into self-perpetuating momentum. We envisioned LifeSpring becoming such a well known church that people talk about it, not because of marketing, but because of it’s good reputation.

This week we’ve had two encouraging things happen that make us think that is beginning to happen, at least in a small way.

Earlier this week one of our launch team people was talking to a new friend. Because of the newness of the relationship, they had never talked about LifeSpring. Without prompting, the friend mentioned LifeSpring and said she had heard good things.

Recently we got an e-mail inquiry that said, “We’re new to Merced, and we heard about you through the grapevine.” That’s where we want to be–on the grapevine.

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great wrote about the flywheel. He said the flywheel is difficult to move in the early stages of motion, but as more and more movement occurs, the energy you have to expend to keep it moving becomes less and less.

We’re praying for that to happen at LifeSpring.