Blue is back….

About three weeks ago I took my car in for routine service. Merced Honda said it needed a new CV boot for the right front axle. No big deal, and that explained the little oil drops on my driveway. They said to schedule an appointment for the CV job.

The next week I took it in for that small repair. While there, they said that it would be prudent to replace the axle on that side. Again, no big deal. You might as well fix things like that when it is convenient rather than as an emergency repair.

I got my car back, and it drove a lot better. The steering was much tighter. Until….

On Sunday morning, September 10, I was driving, getting things ready for our 1st regular Sunday worship service. I was about to pull up to an intersection, and my car began making the most horrible grinding noise. I figured I had just lost my transmission. I had no forward motion. That created a big inconvenience for me on Sunday.

Monday I had it towed to Honda. “We’ll cover the cost if this is our fault, Mr. Logue.” Up until that point, I had assumed it was another thing going wrong on my car. But it wasn’t. It was the axle. Too short.

They repaired it, and I picked it up on Tuesday evening. I got about half a mile from Honda, and it started again. I called Honda, and they sent a tow truck at their expense to pick up my car. They also provided a free rental car. I couldn’t have asked for them to be any kinder.

I got my car back yesterday. It is nice to have it back, and even nicer that I didn’t have to pay for the added repairs.