Whenever I wanted to get together with other planters I had to drive a long distance. These trips ate a big part of the day, for only a couple of hours with the guys. “Can I start a Church Planters’ Network in my neck of the woods?” I asked Roger Gibson.

Roger is director of planter care for Stadia, and so he is quite interested in seeing such networks develop, especially as it benefits the planters. I e-mailed some of the planters and pastors interested in planting in this area. I wrote to guys in Turlock, Los Banos, Clovis, and Madera, and we decided to meet on June 13.

Seven of us got together. The group members did not know each other prior to this meeting; I was the common element. We spent two hours together. The first hour was used to get to know each other, the second hour to eat and make plans for the future.

I came away from the meeting quite encouraged and excited about the future of the group. It was generally agreed that we’d eventually pool our efforts and resources to plant another church in this vicinity of the Central Valley.

I like the outward focus. I think that it pleases God when His people think ourwardly. Reproduction is the way that Life continues and blesses other people.