New Friends

God keeps surprising me and delighting me with the people He brings to my path. Lately, I’ve had three long conversations with a friend and disciple of Jesus that I’ve met in Starbucks. We’ve talked about books, ministry, and reaching missing people, and I’m encouraged by the talk.

A couple of weeks ago I met a person on the Off-the-Map blog. In fact, I’ve made three friends as a direct result of Off-the-Map, friends I’ve never laid eyes on. Two live in Washington and one lives in Oregon. All have a passionate love for “the missing.”

I’m trying to decide why I have such delight in these coffee, phone, and blog friends. I think it may be because of the shared convictions we have regarding how to reach people who don’t go to church. It may also be because of their uncompromising service to God.

Whatever the reasons, I know that it is pleasant to talk to them and to see how God is using them in His Kingdom. How exciting!