Church Planters Understand

Jeff Rye said that he would tow our trailer of equipment from Sunnyvale to Merced. We don’t have a truck that would enable us to do it ourselves. He was going to bring it on Tuesday, June 6.

But somewhere between Sunnyvale and Gilroy he called me. “Bruce I’m really nervous about towing this over Pachecho Pass. The lights don’t work, there are no trailer brakes, and the tires are cracked from UV exposure.” He said that he would stop in Gilroy and look at the trailer more closely.

He concluded that the trailer had too many problems. Jeff said he would transfer the load of equipment to his trailer and tow it to Merced in a week. He came on Monday, June 12, and we unloaded the stuff in the church’s storage shed. I said, “Jeff, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.”

Jeff said that this is par for the course. Church planters learn to accept challenges and adapt to them. I like that philosophy. Challenges teach. Challenges increase faith. And challenges give the opportunity for generosity and service to be experienced.

Jeff blessed me today. I’m grateful for that.