April 15

I hate April 15. It looms over my life like a black cloud. Every year I swear that I am going to get the tax preparation job done in January or February.

I think I broke my promise worse this year than any year before. I mailed a box of documents to my CPA today, and sometime this weekend I will fax the final details that he needs to finish my tax forms. That’s just 2 weeks before the April 15 deadline.

I think what I hate about tax time is the amount of my time I have to devote to something that is utterly worthless to me. I spent the entire day doing nothing but shuffling paper and entering figures into a spreadsheet, all done so that my CPA can figure out how much tax I should pay.

I’ll be glad when the weekend is over. I’ll be done with the taxes, and all the clutter will be gone. I can then return to the things that I think are much more important.