New Friends

I made a new friend on Friday night. Bev and I were at the Boys and Girls Club annual fundraiser, and he was sitting at the table next to us. It turned out that he was a pastor for a local African-American church.

We chatted for a good while and then exchanged business cards. Bev and I told him that we had been wanting to worship at an African-American church, but didn’t know exactly where to go. But now we did.

Worship started at 11:00 AM. We were there in plenty of time so we got to visit with several of the church members. They were very warm and hospitable to us. During worship the pastor even invited me up to say a word to the church. He said he was going to invite me back to preach.

The service was over two hours long. The preaching was passionate; the fellowship was sweet. We both left feeling very encouraged and have no doubt that when we go back we will be warmly received. Exactly the way being with Christians should affect you.