New Car – Answered Prayer

On Thursday I got a call from State Farm announcing that papers were in the mail and that I should sign them and return them along with the car title. The guy also said that I had 5 more days to rent a car.

I hadn’t even begun to look for a new car, so that news was not met with enthusiasm. I told him that the first guy I talked to said my benefits would provide for a car well into April.

So on Friday I began my day complaining to God. “The clock is ticking, God. I’ve got to get a car and soon! I don’t want any car payments either.” I’m not saying this one prayer did the trick, but I got a phone call later that morning.

My new car is a 1985 Honda Accord with 62,000 miles. I have it because a very good friend called me and said, “We’ve bought a new car; would you like our Honda?” By Friday night I had my replacement car in our driveway.

I’m thankful for God’s filling my need. I’m indebted to the generosity of my friend. And I am confident of God’s presence in what I’m doing. I feel great joy.

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