An Evening with John Muir

Bev and I bought tickets to a dinner and a one-man show on the life of John Muir. Playhouse Merced arranged this special performance by Lee Stetson. Lee has been incarnating John Muir for 23 years in Yosemite National Park and is known internationally for the role.

John Muir is known all over California because of his now famous photographs of Yosemite as well as his conservation efforts. Schools all over the state bear his name, and a Redwood forest north of San Francisco is called Muir Woods.

Lee Stetson’s portrayal of Muir’s love of and respect for animals made me appreciate further the stewardship that God has given us over all the earth, including the animals. He spoke of “Martha,” the last known carrier pigeon to die, of the disappearance of the grizzly bear from Yosemite, and of how rattlesnakes did not strike even though he came very close to them.

Tonight was one of the most winsome evenings we have spent lately. It began with a really great meal and conversation and ended with a very intelligent and witty presentation of John Muir’s love of animals. I have a new appreciation of what a gift God gave us in creation.