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Pay your bills, or else!

Forgiveness 01The story is too awful to consider.

A rich man decided to call in the debts of a slave who was so buried by them he couldn’t pay them back in even 10 lifetimes.  Yet in a twisted sense of justice the master says, “Pay your bills or else.”

“Or else I will sell you, your wife, your little children and all of your possessions in order to recover some of what you owe me.”  Presumably this would be the end of their life as a family, and the slave could only imagine what terrible things were in store for his pathetic little family. Continue reading Pay your bills, or else!

A Videoed Apology

Matthew CordleYou probably saw it – Matthew Cordle staring into a camera admitting to a drunk driving accident that resulted in the death of a 61 year old man.

It’s extraordinary, if only because of it’s honesty.  Most people would enter a not-guilty plea.  Court would convene and lots of money would be spent trying to get a guilty person pronounced innocent of the crime.

The daughter of the slain man was credited with saying that she didn’t buy it.  That he was just trying to get his sentence reduced.  The only problem with her judgment is that the motives of a person are never within human view.  You can guess what they are, but it’s only a guess.  Only God has the seat in the stands where one can see a person’s motives. Continue reading A Videoed Apology

THAT kind of person….

Woman anointing Jesus' feet 02Simon was a Pharisee.  He lived a monochrome religious life that was “cut and dried” and had no room for questioning or grace.  One day he invited Jesus to his home, presumably for some quiet conversation and theological debate.

So when a woman burst into his polite dinner party, he and his guests were horrified.  In her hands was a beautiful alabaster jar, like the type used to carry perfumed ointment, and her eyes were bloodshot and moist.  A room full of male eyes telescoped to see what the commotion was.  Continue reading THAT kind of person….

Living in Glass Houses

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

My mom used to say that when she thought someone was being judgmental and ungracious. It was her little reminder that becoming a rock thrower is a dangerous occupation if only for the reason that someone may visit your own glass house with a rock in hand. She knew that everyone lives in a glass house. Continue reading Living in Glass Houses