Micro Loans

Kiva 02ABC News featured a story tonight about micro loans.  These are small loans that are made to entrepreneurs all over the Third World, so that they can start businesses that will support their families.  Even small loans of $25 make a huge difference in the quality of life for these people.

It has bothered me that the U.S. is so willing to spend money on war and pork barrel projects yet is so unwilling to contribute to projects that truly contribute to the betterment of human beings.  What a better world it would be if we worked to eliminate hunger instead of wasting money on things that make no ultimate difference.

Kiva is one site where you may go to make a small loan to a fellow human being.  ABC News said that in thousands of loans made all over the world, only one person defaulted.  That’s a stunning demonstration of the gratitude and seriousness with which people take these loans.

I think that Kiva, and programs like it, are outstanding ways to show the love of God to people all over the world.  What better way could there be to bring prosperity, self-sufficiency, and esteem to people whose lives are otherwise difficult and poor?