Ask, Seek, Click

I just discovered an excellent web site in Cutting Edge, the quarterly church planting magazine of the Vineyard.  The site is the creation of the New York City Vineyard Church, and it was designed specifically for people of diverse background and belief in NYC.

The site features short video clips from members of the NYC church talking about their faith journey.  It is interesting and compelling.

The site was originally designed to invite visitors to a dinner.  They had 220 people who showed up after seeing the web site.  Only 70 were members of the NYC church, and the rest were people from all over the social and religious spectrum.

The dinner is over now, so the site serves to let visitors listen to real people talk about their faith.  It is well worth visiting and very inspiring.

One thought on “Ask, Seek, Click”

  1. Wonderful use of technology! When you know who you are and why you are here, the ways and means of reaching those who are seeking just seem to bob to the surface. You hear constantly that the Northeast is a hard place to evangelize (you hear the same about Australia, New Zealand, Europe, etc.) but people everywhere are searching. We must allow God to bring us together.

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