ConvergenceA friend of mine contacted me last week.  We have not seen each other for years.  The e-mail said, “It appears that you and I have arrived at similar places.”

I’d call what he was describing a “philosophical six degrees of separation.”  Even though people may be separated by miles and time, they often find that that are linked together by lessons learned, conclusions drawn, and decisions made.  Convergence that transcends miles.

Our proximity in spite of distance is not unusual.  Others are having similar experiences.  Common to all is a basic cynicism that existing church culture cannot be changed and a belief that to reach the world with the gospel requires leaving traditional church organization and going “outside.”

He described his situation and resulting frustrations.  I must say, I found it odd to be sitting outside that context.  Even though I spent years in it, his context now seems like a distant memory to me.  Like recalling a house I used to live in as a child or a place once traveled to.

I hope he has the courage to make needed changes.  It is risky business, to be sure, but it is also the path to a more joyful life.