Sharing the kindness of Jesus

VOMBev receives Voice of the Martyrs every month.  VOM is a publication about the religious persecution of Christians around the world.  The May 2007 issue has a large article about the plight of Malaysians wanting to become disciples of Jesus.

Native Malaysians are considered to be Islamic by virture of their nationality.  It is not permitted for a native Malay to be anything other than Muslim.  Furthermore, churches that permit Malays to attend are subject to persecution, seizure of their property, etc.

So no matter how badly you may want to become a Christian it is extremely difficult and dangerous to do so.  You may even be asked not to come to church by its members.

One of the Malay Christians named “Dian” described the approach that Christians have to take toward toward seekers.

‘Although it is risky, we share the kindness of Jesus with waitresses in restaurants and in villages…We pray for hurting people.  We do not argue about the Koran or the Bible.  Religious debates never saved anybody.  In our young days of ministry, we made enemies trying to be smart with our Christian knowledge and bring them down.  That is a waste of God’s time.

Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship between us and God.  Every opportunity is a divine moment.  You must not be self-centered but live for other people and care for them.  Muslims are coming to Jesus.

Dian’s strategy is wise and insightful.  No one appreciates a debate, and being a Christian is primarily a relationship and not a religious affiliation.