When I got up this morning I had no clue what to expect at today’s worship service. This was the third Sunday in our Grand Opening month, but the past two Sunday’s have not been a speck different than any other week.

I left the house at 6:35 am. That was a good bit earlier than I normally leave. I got to the Playhouse about 6:45 and began setting up the 4 street signs we have, turning on the lights, and carrying down our huge video projector and screen.

The “team” trickled in. First Adam and Erica, then Tom and Emily. Rich and Jenell came next and then Amanda. We stopped for prayer at 9:15. There were 9 of us there for the prayer. We were all wondering if this would be a typical Sunday or if there was something special in store for us.

After prayer I prepared the communion trays. I was tempted to use just one tray. “That wouldn’t be very faithful,” I thought. I filled the second tray. That was a good decision.

At 10:00, our start time, things looked pretty usual, but by 10:15 we had a large crowd–over 30 people. Four Playhouse Merced interns presented a powerful and moving drama. We were all moved by it. The pleasure of the morning showed one the faces of our team.

Worship concluded about 11:15. Our guests said kind things about the morning and spent a long time conversing in the foyer. God answered our prayers: new people attended, the Easter drama went well, singing was energetic, and conversation was abundant. Praise be to God.

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