The Dollar Store

Dollar StoreSaturday night we went to the Dollar Store. It is one of many such businesses in our community. Everything in this store is priced incredibly inexpensive. Bev wanted to buy some inexpensive serving dishes for our Sunday morning refreshments at church.

I think that everyone should shop in a Dollar Store or similar establishment periodically. Why? Because it is too easy to assume that a particular way of life is average, and that most people live that way. The Dollar Store is a great leveler and assumption remover.

I like going to the Dollar Store. It is an excellent reminder of what in life is important.

Family is important. Saturday night we stood behind a family of 5. Their littlest sat in the shopping cart seat. She had pigtails, and it was obvious her parents loved her. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they were clearly an affectionate family: soft voices, respect for their children, and kindness.

The brand on the bottom of your dishes doesn’t really matter very much. We were looking for inexpensive serving dishes for the church. The shelves were filled with look-alike plates, saucers, cups, and storage containers. They were functional and inexpensive. Buying at the Dollar Store is good stewardship, especially when you have to stretch your money.

The Dollar Store is a good reminder that there is a larger world than just my small circle of friends. I doubt that the Dollar Store is more diverse than any place else in my town, but it seems like I am more observant and aware when I am there. I think it is a good exercise–looking around, smiling, saying ‘Hello.’ My world increases in size.

I think that the best benefit of shopping at the Dollar Store is the awareness of what some people have to do in order to stretch tight bucks. I don’t mean that shopping at the Dollar Store is a bad thing, only that low incomes force people to be frugal and cautious. This is a good thing to know, especially when making decisions that affect lower economic classes.

Shopping at the Dollar Store is a good thing. It makes me more grateful.