Amazing Grace

Run, don’t walk, to see Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce who is credited with abolishing slavery in Great Britain. Wilberforce worked for 18 years lobbying, writing bills, and fearlessly attempting to eradicate slavery from British vocabulary. Slavery was abolished in 1807, and Wilberforced died in 1833.

An interesting parenthesis in the Wilberforce story is his friendship with John Newton, a former slave trader turned Christian and pastor. Newton is probably most famous for his song, Amazing Grace, from which the movie takes its title.

The story of William Wilberforce is powerful because of his deeply held conviction that all men are created to be free and to have dignity. Wilberforce’s dedication and unrelenting resolve to change the hearts and minds of his countrymen is touching. The bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace at the conclusion of the movie will make you want to stand on your feet or cry or both.

Wilberforce knew the heart of the God he served, and he knew that God did not create people to be enslaved. Amazing Grace will stir your heart and excite your mind.