Trip to Auburn

This past weekend was busy beyond belief because we had two major events occurring Saturday and Sunday.

The first event was the Playhouse Merced Gala which was scheduled for Saturday evening. It was held at the Boys and Girls Club.

On Friday night we got possession of the Boys and Girls Club and could start unloading supplies for the Saturday evening event. We set up over 40 tables with chairs. Decorations were put up, and the room was basically ready for Saturday by the time we left.

On Saturday the staff, some board members, and a few other people put the finishing touches on the room. Meanwhile, Bev and I attended the performance of Merry Wives of Windsor at Applegate Park.

I had to be at the Boys and Girls Club at 5 PM on Saturday, and I didn’t get away from the event until after 10:00 PM. Normally that would have been just fine. But…

Sunday we had to get up at 4:00 AM to drive to Auburn, California where I spoke at their two morning services. New Life Christian Church is going to be giving us financial support beginning in January of 2007. This will continue for two years.

New Life Auburn is a wonderful family of Christians that warmly welcomed us and also gave us a “baby shower.” We brought home several wrapped gifts which included a coffee carafe, a paper cutter, reams of printer paper, markers, and other office supplies.

Our launch team helped open the gifts, and they seemed to be quite impressed that a church such as New Life wanted to be a partner in our church plant here in Merced.

I didn’t go to the gym this morning. The bed felt too good.