Nevada Church

I’ve had a hunch about evangelism for several years. My hunch was that what normally masquerades as evangelism is really something quite stilted and odd. I tried some of it, and I was never satisfied with the results.

And then I met Jim Henderson. Jim put into words things I had only felt before–things I had dismissed as being peculiar or maybe my own reticence or cowardice. His definition of Ordinary Attempts is excellent.

That spark was fanned into a flame by Randy Stiever of Sparks, Nevada. Randy has been sending me OA stories, which I have been uploading to the Ordinary Attempts site.

I hope you’ll go lurk around at Ordinary Attempts. Overhear what people are saying about a commonsense way to show others what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus. ….without scaring them off with odd, ineffective methods.