Ribbon Cutting

Sometimes I think that the Christian community is like someone that has been invited to a grand party, but instead elects to throw their own. Their private party is smaller, only has people they know, and thinks it’s the only one in town.

I went to a ribbon cutting this week. Like many such events, the Christian community was missing. I don’t mean that there weren’t Christians there. What I mean is that the business community doesn’t really get to see Christians showing up “officially” to say “we care about you, and we want to be involved in your life.”

I don’t think that churches intend to cause that misunderstanding, namely that the two communities can’t or shouldn’t mix. It may be that church communities wear blinders and can only see what is right in front of them.

LifeSpring Church just got invited to participate in a program sponsored by a county agency. That says to me that opportunities to partner with and serve our communities exists, but only if we are willing to attend the party.