It wasn’t really that hot this morning, but I had rivulets of sweat running down my neck. I think it was actually liquid stress. Today was THE day. We had our first preview service.

None of us knew what to expect. Amanda generously provided nibbles and drink for sixty people. It turned out to be too much; we actually had about 15 adults present. But it was still a good morning.

I was grateful that my friend, Scott, took part of his vacation to spend with us and play in our band. Nancy sang beautifully and contributed a lot to the vocals. Tom led worship well and made the video look good. Erica gave herself fully to the care of the children. And Adam was the “roving short stop” who worked quitely behind the scenes.

Friends came to encourage us: Russ, Corinne, Suzanne, and Paula. I’ll never be able to tell them how much I appreciated their gift of presence. What pleasure!

I think one of the best things that happened was that we all could see how close we were to our target, and what we would like to tweak and change. We got good feedback from our guests. Many indicated pleasure with what we had done. One said, “let me know how I can help.”

I feel reaffirmed in my belief that what we are offering is seldom seen and greatly needed, especially in this town who’s median age is 27.8. It was neat seeing the genuine pleasure expressed by those in our target group.

I would have like to have had 50-100 people present. But this project has never operated like that. It has started small, like Jesus’ mustard seed, and it progresses in slow measured stages. It’s very unnerving, but I like that.