Doable Evangelism

Over the past several months I’ve e-mailed and conversed with Jim Henderson at Off-the-Map. I love what Jim is doing, teaching ordinary disciples of Jesus to use ordinary means to reach the unchurched–talking and listening.

I’m sure he is making some “Christians” uncomfortable because of the way he questions the methods we have used and the judgments we have issued. I have found, however, that he is dead right about the openness of people when treated with respect and love.

Today I got my invitation to be one of his bloggers at Doable Evangelism. I am so jazzed by that for two reasons. First, I am honored and humbled to be part of that effort, and second, I love the way it forces me to focus and think about how I am relating to “the missing.”

So check out Doable Evangelism. You’ll see my contributions once in a while, either as Bruce Logue or as Mercedian.