I got to preach yesterday at a church in Stockton. I’ve known that congregation for over 15 years, and so it feels like home when I go there.

Last Sunday, as Bev and I were getting out of the car, we bumped into friends we hadn’t seen in years–Don and Melba. They spend most of the year in Arizona, but when they come home they stay in Stockton. It was so good to see them.

We talked in machine gun bursts. “How are your kids?” “Where do you live now?” “How surprised we were to see that you were going to be here today!” Don’s health has not been the best, and we could tell he didn’t feel great.

Serendipities like that are good and bad. Good because of the joy of seeing people you love. Bad because the intersection is so short. There’s so much you want to tell them about but don’t have time.

Now we have to wait for the next brief intersection of our paths. It’s delicious to think about and anticipate.

In the mean time, “Lord please be with Don. Help him to recover from his health setback so that he can enjoy life, serve you more fully, and enjoy his grandkids. And thank you for giving us good friends to accompany us on the path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”