Car Show

Merced loves old cars and old music. Two of its radio stations play classic rock. And today began the Spring Reunion Car Show. People bring their shiny old cars to the Merced County Fairgrounds to show them off to each other and to people interested in automobiles.

The Chamber of Commerce sponsors the annual fete along with the American Heart Association. Today I volunteered in registration. Saturday I plan to volunteer for a couple more hours.

It was fun bantering with the people as they registered. Each of the “Goody” bags that we gave them had a Car Show cup and a pair of cloth dice (for hanging over the rear view window). Each registrant could pick the color dice they preferred. It was a weighty decision.

It’s encouraging to see people giving up personal time in order to do something for the community. Some of them had contributed lots and lots of hours making the event successful. And Merced is a better place because of that.