You can’t surf on the shore. The water’s not deep enough, and there’s not enough room to operate.

The best surfers paddle out into the deep water, where the surf is rough–so rough it can even kill you. Their feet can’t touch the bottom, and the best they can hope to do is catch a ride. They certainly aren’t in control.

I think that living in God’s blessing is a lot like surfing. Some people are content to splash in the water that laps the beach. When the big waves break on the shore they run toward higher, drier ground.

Others mount their boards and paddle out into the boiling, crashing waves because that is where the real ride is. God does His best work out there in the deep water. It’s where He took Abraham, Joseph, Paul, and Jesus.

I’ve been a beach dweller most of my life, but now I can’t touch bottom. I’ve also begun to have the ride of my life, and I wish I had paddled out sooner.