I met Eduardo at the towing company. I called to ask if I could look inside my car for lost items one more time. They said, “Not a problem.”

The lady at the front desk called for Eduardo to go with me over to the storage lot to unlock the gate. I made small talk with him and finally I asked him his name. “Eduardo,” he said. I told him mine was ‘Bruce.’

On the way back to the office I asked where he was from. He told me Mexico, as I had guessed. “What part?” I asked. He told me the name of the state, but I didn’t recognize it. I told him that Bev had traveled to Puebla on two occasions. “She really liked the people and thought they were wonderful,” I told him.

“There’s good and bad people everywhere,” he commented. He’s right. There are good and bad people everywhere. We may have different skin color or languages, but we’re all basically alike–good and bad.

Eduardo has been here since the 80’s. He seemed to be a hard-working and polite man. I think I met one of the good ones.