Hire An Atheist

Did you read about it? It appeared in the Wall Street Journal, among other places. Jim Henderson of Off-the-Map hired an atheist. He got the atheist’s services by bidding for him on E-Bay in exchange for which atheist Hemant Mehta agreed to visit Christian churches and report on his experience.

That would make most churches too nervous–having an atheist visit them in order to report on the experience. Some might say, “What right does he have making a critique of what we do?” Indeed.

In point of fact, he might have every right in the world because if our message fails to connect in a credible way with folks such as Hemant, maybe we need to start listening to what they think of us, painful though it might be.

If you want to know what Hemant thinks, read his interesting and very honest blog. He will make you review the things you have said and done in the name of Jesus.

I think Hemant underestimates the positive influence that all those Chrisians are going to have on him.