I was trying to be a good steward of our money. So after the marketing company delievered us a business card and stationary proof I got bids from three companies. It took about two or three weeks to get all the figures together, and I chose the one that gave the most for the money.

In retrospect, I would have gladly paid the extra money it cost to have another printer do the work for me. The printer I chose took nearly a month to get my puny little printing job done, largely because of a comedy of communication failures by the salesman. It was no problem for him that I didn’t have my cards.

Now I finally have them. I have wished, for weeks now, to have something that didn’t look Mickey Mouse to hand to people around town. First impressions are often very important.

Last week I joined a business networking company, and I’m going to take my new cards to this week’s meeting. It will be nice to have the chapter members handing out my cards to their friends and contacts. It will reflect well on LifeSpring Church and the Lord.