I got a post from a friend recently. Basically he wanted me to write advertisers who were using the politically corrrect “Holiday” instead of “Christmas” in their advertising.

I’m grateful for his sincerity and zeal for his convictions. I even believe that a good argument could be built for writing the letter. However, I decided it wasn’t for me. I’m not convinced that such letters really build good relationships between Christians and the broader culture.

Besides, what does Christmas have to do with commercial advertising anyway? I was raised to believe that it had nothing to do with the gifts, debt, and frantic pace of this time of the year. In fact, if advertisers entirely stopped using the word “Christmas,” if we no longer had a “Christmas” holiday, and “Merry Christmas” dropped from our vocabulary, the power of Jesus’ birth would continue to influence this dark world.

How? The power of Jesus’ birth, life, and death consists not in whether Macy’s puts it in their sales papers, but rather in whether Jesus’ disciples live in a way that honors Him and gives form to his teachings.

So I’ll continue to say “Merry Christmas” and give gifts to my loved ones, but I’m not going to get upset if the local department store decides not to do so. That’s not where God’s power resides.

See also an Anna Quindlen Newsweek article on the same subject.