A friend of mine came through town today. He called me to ask if we could meet for coffee, so we met at Starbucks. I felt honored that he took time out of his day for the visit; he’s a busy man.

But I think that is the nature of friendship. It spends its time on others. It dwells on their well-being. And it values conversation and sharing ideas.

Friendship requires cultivation. It does not occur accidentally or among those who are stingy with their time and resources.

I find it easy to become involved in a busy life and to think that I have no time for anything else. But the thing that suffers during such times is friendship. Phone calls stop. There are no letters or other indications of affection. Soon space and time fill in the gap between friends.

It’s no less true for families. Soon we drift from being friends and family to just acquaintenances. I am thankful for my friend’s visit.