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Good Grief

David and BathshebaMiddle Eastern houses had flat roofs which were usable living spaces.  One day King David (1040-970 BC) was strolling around on his palace roof when he noticed a neighbor lady bathing on her roof. Her beauty captured his attention, and he stared lustfully at her body.

“I must have her,” he told his servant, and the servant was dispatched to deliver a “the-king-wants-you-to-have-an-audience-with-him” message. You couldn’t say “No” to the king, so “Bathsheba” put on her finest make-up and dress and left with the servant.

From the beginning, King David had lecherous intentions, so he plied Bathsheba with wine, delicious food, and his full attention.  “Let’s adjourn to my bedroom,” he said, Bathsheba’s inhibitions thoroughly anesthetized by the wine and luxury. Continue reading Good Grief