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Alert, alert!

Alert 02 A recent, local radio program gave listeners information about a local emergency alert system.  The free service provides residents information that could be helpful in the event of weather, health, public safety, and other emergencies.

Our local paper reported in May that only about 1500 residents had signed up for the service.  This is a disappointing number given the fact that the service is free and can save lives and reduce stress caused by ignorance. Continue reading Alert, alert!

Great is Diana!

Artemis 02

Ephesus was a city in ancient Turkey, and it was the location of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a colossal temple to the goddess Diana, also called Artemis.

Having a temple to one of the gods in your town was like being near Yosemite or the Eiffel Tower.  People flock to such sites fora variety of reasons – religious and secular.

Around the Diana/Artemis’ temple various sorts of tourist vendors cropped up peddling likenesses of the many-breasted Diana.  “Get your genuine statue of Artemis.  You’ll love having this silver ornament on your mantel for all your guests to see.  Pray to her when you’re about to give birth or go on a hunting trip.  The goddess of women and hunting will help you.” Continue reading Great is Diana!

I notice that you are very religious…

Idolatry 01I’ve noticed that there is a common desire on the part of humans to have a divine imprimatur on everything we do, be that a car purchase or a job selection or a person married.  On the face of it, this seems like a good thing – to want to make divine choices.

But sometimes we just want God or god/s to approve our choices and leave us alone.

This god-desire may be found across the breadth of human opinion and experience.  Conservatives and liberals, southerners and northerners, religious and non-religious, believers and unbelievers – all want to believe that something or someone affirms them. Continue reading I notice that you are very religious…

White Frame Church

Little White Church Building 01In the 80’s a little white frame church building used to sit on the road between Lubbock and Lamesa (long e), Texas. It was a very small building that could have seated 50 at the most. On Sunday mornings you’d probably find just a handful of congregants, all silver-haired.

The absence of change either of its size, color, or location was ironic given how the world all around was and is changing. New businesses, new people moving into the community, new political elections, and a thousand other changes in communication, medical care, and education. The world flies by the little church building at warp speed.

Continue reading White Frame Church



“Sue” was a woman I used to know. Unattractive mole-like bumps grew all over her face making her very unattractive, and I wanted to look away when she talked to me.

It was not a mature reaction on my part. Visceral and primitive, yes. Mature, no.

What I was experiencing was the psychological phenomenon of disgust. Richard Beck, Abilene Christian University psychologist calls disgust a boundary psychology, originally designed to protect people from noxious foods and such.

Continue reading Disgust

Just walking around…

silhouette-of-man-walking-around-the-outside-of-the-worldThe ancient Greeks had a word that literally meant to walk around. But it meant more than that.

It was often used to talk about how one lives. In the ancient world, “walking around” was euphemistic for the places you went and the things you did. And as we all know, those places and things can be good or bad.

One of the best places I ever walked was in Paris, particularly at the Louvre.  My wife and I strolled though its long corridors looking at centuries worth of art.  We were told that one gallery was a quarter of a mile long, and I believed it because my feet hurt so badly. Continue reading Just walking around…

When the world hates you…

oppositionA woman in her dream wedding gown stood at the back of the church sanctuary, the Wedding March about to begin, and she told her father that she did not want to go through with the wedding.  He did not give her the answer she expected but rather said that she should not marry this man if she had reservations about it.

“What about all the people I will be disappointing,” she asked. Continue reading When the world hates you…

Continental Drift

Continental DriftPacific Island Travel says that Point Reyes National Seashore is, “a rogue piece of the earth’s crust that has been drifting slowly…northward along the San Andreas Fault, having started some six million years ago as a suburb of Los Angeles.”

It’s an interesting image – a piece of land that is hundreds of miles north of its first home. If you visit Point Reyes’ Interpretation Center you can see rocks that originated hundreds of miles south of where they now live. Continue reading Continental Drift