What story do you buy?

I was a middle-aged lady, set in my ways, when I decided to be baptized.  And when that water poured over my head, I realized the big problem with my new religion:  God actually lives in other people.  I couldn't be a Christian by myself.  I couldn't choose who else was my brother and sister.... Continue Reading →

Where Is God When You Need Him?

Where is God When You Need Him? Zophar said it was Job’s fault Else boils and loss would not impugn Or cause his blessed life assault. Job’s defense called mockery A punishment too gentle His words so blustery. This hardship not deserving Job’s life was complicated Wife suggests abdicating. Didn't first seem too farfetched Life... Continue Reading →

God’s got this!

"God's got this" - mostly heard when some concern has been expressed concerning someone's health, a crisis, or unexpected negative event.  On the face of it, it sounds so religious and holy - "Relax, God's got this." But is God really managing the situation?  What about when someone is burying a loved one for whom... Continue Reading →

Words Without Eyes

I've been thinking about the role that social media plays in our lives today, and especially how it insulates us from one another and even gives opportunity for the snarkiest, rudest, and most alienating words.  "Words Without Eyes" is a reference to the words we paste on FB posts, comments to a post, and Twitter... Continue Reading →


Truth   Linguists were in disarray Used to adding words to the English canon They were now having to subtract words.   No one knows how far reaching the implications are With the demise of truth. Even words like “quality” assume some sort of standard.   Facts are now only observations and opinions Things that... Continue Reading →

American Apocalypse

I heard for the first time in the early 80's that American foreign policy was being influenced by the joint ideologies of religious fundamentalism and Evangelicalism.  It seemed far-fetched at the time, but the idea stayed around in my mind in the ensuing decades. Whatever doubts might have been present were dispatched by Matthew Avery... Continue Reading →

Fake Religion

With all the talk about fake news these days, I'm most disturbed by the rise of fake religion. What does it look like?  It preens and struts.  "Look at how religious I am," it seems to say.  It postures and poses, setting up pictures for the front page of the newspaper.  It wants to make... Continue Reading →

Three Practices

Facebook is an accurate model of what it looks like when conversation occurs without respect, curiosity, and kindness.  Comments following the posting of a political or religious opinion are too often judgmental, even vulgar. A rule of discussion often heard today is, "never discuss religion or politics."  However, there is a problem with that rule. ... Continue Reading →

EVERYthing happens for a reason.

"It was meant to be." "The Universe wanted me to...." "I was supposed to learn something from that." "There are no coincidences." "There's a reason for everything." These statements are nearly universal, and there is no pattern to them. Atheists, believers, liberals and conservatives, and people characterized as either spiritual or not use some version... Continue Reading →

Car Repair

Coming down the hill from Yosemite required downshifting in order to spare the brakes.  Third gear worked the best, but it was not meant for the flat straight-aways. But getting the shifter back into Drive required determined strength, inspiring a moment of concern about the remainder of the trip home.  This was not pleasant to... Continue Reading →

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