My vote doesn’t count.

A recent news article I read said that Social Security and Medicare will be on the chopping block, depending on who wins the 2024 election. The idea sends a cold chill down my spine.

I’m a Baby Boomer who paid into Social Security all my working life. Social Security is like an IRA or a retirement account in which one invests, expecting to be able to receive monthly payments throughout your retirement. And in retirement, Medicare becomes your required insurance after you leave your last full-time job.

In 2020 I had about 3 consecutive months when I really needed the medical coverage that Medicare provided me. Two surgeries as well as an encounter with sepsis, were paid for by great insurance. But some people in the government want to take it away from me and seventy-one million other Baby Boomers.

Failure to show up at the polls guarantees the success of mean-spirited people who don’t care about medical-social needs of their fellow citizens.

While we’re talking about meanness. I read this past week about a young girl who was raped and impregnated by her attacker. Abortion would have saved her from the resulting horrible loss of her childhood. Instead, the rapist found out about her pregnancy and sued to take the child, once born.

The young girl was forced to carry the fetus to term and then turn it over to her rapist. Such is the kind of mistake that is made when lawmakers govern without compassion and humanity.

The moral of this post. Your vote counts. When you’re tempted not to show up at the polls, think about someone you love that would be impacted by lawmakers who want you to be indifferent so that they can get their way.