Part-time – A Poem

Imagine a part-time Antioch Church
Showing up every other week
Saying to Paul, “knock yourself out”
“We’re with you in thought.”

Some in the Hebrews church were afraid
Dropping out of church life
Never considering how their fear might spread
Causing Indolence and retreat

What if Paul only wrote letters
When it was convenient
Certainly not in prison
Light is too bad in a jail cell.

Like disciples on the eve of the crucifixion
Disappearing, nowhere to be found
Huddling secretly in hidden spaces
To avoid those who needed their courage

Part-time church is a construct of the defeated
Fearful and feckless it lacks initiative
No determination or mission of God in its heart
Eventually no threat to any evil power. Insipid.

Like a Simone Biles who works out once a week
Or when she feels like it.
Only when no one has a better offer for her time.
Once a week eventually becomes once a month.

Part-time anything doesn’t work.
It doesn’t perfect skills.
It doesn’t teach hard lessons discovered over time.
It erodes team unity and spirit.

How can Paul raise money for Jerusalem
Without the determination of commitment

How can the apostles receive the Spirit or see
The ascension which occurred on their down time?

What happens to the disciples meeting on the first day of the week
To break bread when they decide it isn’t important?

And those five foolish virgins
Who went to sleep and missed the Bridegroom
Leaving the disappointed virgins
To enjoy their nice nap..