Imagine the possibility opening
Of Democrats and Republicans
Voting together for the commmon good of our nation.

The opening of a new day in America
A day of good jobs, paved roads, strengthened bridges
Bringing an optimism that things might change.

The coming of a sweeping momentum opening hearts
To see the righteousness of defending the right of all
Voting protected and insured for the future.

Final recognition of the opening of a racial blanket
Full of color and hues that make us bold and beautiful
Large enough to cover us all and bring all under its security.

Opening of churches, the most segregated places in America
Black and white and brown singing together
Embracing in the name of God and the cover of God’s wings.

Opening of houses and schools and businesses
Full and complete opportunity give to all
Without regard to color or status or rank.

The celebration of color and culture and diversity
Opening in music, law, jobs, education….
Everywhere. No door closed to anyone.

The opening of creativity and imagination across
the landscape of people.
No problem untouched or unsolved.
No prisoner left to rot in our prisons of hatred.

All started when voting was opened
So that none was prevented or hindered or scorned
And America discovered that we are better together
in our diversity.

—–Bruce Logue, 30 July 2021