Your Face

Poem – Your Face
by Bruce Logue

Your face is a facsimile
Just like Lincoln on a penny
Telegraphing your mood
Helping friends see the inner you
Your mien a gift and welcomed clue
The day’s events accrued

It was not always this way
That we’d beg our pain allay
By seeing each other
No longer disembodied sounds
From loneliness we’d be unbound
Your presence an anchor

Your face didn’t welcome this morn
Your absence – with feeling, forlorn
So many won’drings left
Proof of our inner connections
And the feelings of affection
No state but bereft

Today your dulcet voice silent
Your lovely face is now absent
We didn’t get to hear your wisdom
What you would have said went unsaid
Nor to share your burden or dread
Diminished – our rhythm

What’s more important than we are?
Our companionship a lodestar
Pointing the way to North
Giving us unusual strength
Going with love to any length
To unite us henceforth