Where Is God When You Need Him?

Job 02Where is God When You Need Him?

Zophar said it was Job’s fault
Else boils and loss would not impugn
Or cause his blessed life assault.

Job’s defense called mockery
A punishment too gentle
His words so blustery.

This hardship not deserving
Job’s life was complicated
Wife suggests abdicating.

Didn’t first seem too farfetched
Life up to now so faithful
Now, no grace to him outstretched

Health and wealth are vacuous
Making specious promises
Matching faith with affluence.

Friends pretended to know God
Spoke for Him in hallowed tones
Yet their opinions a fraud.

Where is God when you need him?
Job cried out in frustration
Potsherd scraping his flamed limbs.

His friends were salt in a wound
Words increased his suffering
No hope, left feeling marooned.

God gave the friends no mercy
Don’t speak for me, he chastised
You’re not speaking truthfully.

Where is God when you need him?
No words. Job covered his mouth.
God’s voice boomed through silence – grim.

Zophar made an equation.
Success equals God’s presence.
Sans boils, needs this occasion.

Where is God when you need him?
Job’s wealth soon restored by grace.
His complaint to God a hymn.

Where is God when you feel faint?
Depends on where you search.
Job found him in a complaint.

Zophar spoke words cravenly.
Job’s words were petitioning.
God present in entreaty.