Fake News

“I don’t believe it.  It’s fake news.”

The post came from a web troll who didn’t like the post.  It was about a Kuwaiti company’s beautiful anti-terrorism video which called for an end to terrorism and sang, “let’s bomb violence with mercy,” “delusion with the truth,” and ‘hatred with love.”  

The initial posting of the video coincided with the beginning of Ramadan, an important Muslim month of fasting, and millions watched and shared the inspiring post.  Google “anti-terrorist Kuwaiti video,” and you’ll get millions of hits.

in about 3 minutes the video tells a story of a terrorist who is confronted by fellow Muslims imploring him to give up his suicide vest.  It’s easy to see why it has gotten such widespread support.

The idea that anyone would find the video objectionable is incredible.  To the person who wrote such a thing a question screams out.  “What’s wrong with you?  How can you write something so awful in response to something so winsome and lovely?”

The troll seems to be an unhappy, hopeless person whose optimism has been eradicated by cynicism and disbelief.  Further, it seems impossible that s/he could ever experience discovery and serendipity.  A dark filter lays over every gesture, thought, and deed.


A victim of the bleakness of our times has been the ability to see and affirm truth.  In that loss, grace has been replaced with judgment, compassion has been replaced with profit, and optimism has been replaced with bitterness.

Self-questioning has been replaced with arrogance.  Probably the biggest loss of all.

What can one learn if there is no consideration that “I might be wrong”?  In the absence of that consideration, there is no search for truth, no respect for others’ opinions, and no collaboration.

Dialogue is replaced with debate.  Leading to the assertion that “I don’t believe it.”

More power to those who sing messages of faith and hope.  It’s the only way that we can be healed of our despair.