Waiting Room

airplane gateA kiosk in the ticket area
Swipe your credit card
Check in for your flight

No TSA here
Walk immediately to the boarding gate
Take a seat among the rows

This waiting room designed for comfort
Some seats even recline
All well padded and upholstered

Caffeine is absent from the free drinks
You have to take an elevator to find its jolt
No need to excite the heart

Husbands, wives, and friends sit
All waiting for the call to board
“Sit here while we take your weight.”

Odd, this terminal
Passengers are all sick
And pilots sometimes know the way

A man pushes a woman’s wheelchair
She’s not the patient
But the one who is there for support

Flight attendants walk through the terminal
“How are you, Mr. Jones?”
Laughter in spite of stress

Swipe your card
Fellow travelers join you on the flight
A CEO asks if you were treated well

A kiosk checks you in
Find a seat among the rows
And get ready for your flight.