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Why am I hereMonoLogue started in 2005 as a way of letting friends and family follow our new venture – a pretty simple goal.  But the thing we describe and participate in today in 2016 is decidedly different from what we described in 2005.  As the adage says, “Time and tide wait for no man.”  Merced is a different city than it was in 2005.  What was our new church in 2005 is now a church of deeper relationships, greater spiritual insights, and more well-defined commitment to Jesus.  And MonoLogue thinks differently than it did in 2005.

MonoLogue has morphed into an inspiration overflow valve.  Read something that excites my imagination – blog about it.  Experience something that begs a response – blog about it.  Finished a book that is powerful in its implications – blog about it.  Monologue is now my place for thinking out loud about what I am reading and observing.

When I think of things that frustrate me about blogging, spasmodic posting is my biggest frustration.  My goal would be to blog a couple of times a week, once about things Biblical and the other about life in general.  I am a recovering Evangelical, and I expect that some of my future blogs might have to do with the recovery thought process.  I hope that within that process I might make some other EA (evangelicals anonymous) friends who understand the craziness of the ailment.

At the end of 2016 it would be wonderful to look back on a cache of new friends, new books, and new insights that help one along the path to being more like Jesus and less like an American Christian (in the Western sense of the word).

3 thoughts on “Who & Why I Am Here”

  1. I’m glad to meet you and glad to hear the Church is alive and well out at Merced, California. In your work of church planting, I guess you’re not planting a church now if you started the one there. I suppose once a church planter always a church planter. I have a brother-in-law Don Bowers at Upland, church planter, pastor, since the sixties, don’t think he will ever retire.

    I like your caption at the top liberal and conservative like Jesus, Amen to that. I told somebody one time I felt that Jesus must be a Democrat and a liberal, almost got in a fist fight over that one. I don’t know why, because I have chicken blood, or what? Since I started blogging I have tried to refrain from blogging about religion or politics. It seems as if they both cause people to be rubbed the wrong way or to create friction, hard feelings, etc..

    I may have a mental problem of some type, but I have come to blogging with the idea that our Lord and Savior may be the biggest blogger of all.He set the wheels in motion to use us blogging folks to help heal a hurting world. Anything that would bring this world closer until love thy brother and love thy neighbor would return.

    I recently wrote a post about peace breaking out all over the world, fighting had all stopped everyone was getting along, the world was at peace! ” I must have made the post sound believable. A comment came ‘surprised we were at peace’ I never read the papers or watch the news. Ha,ha Sweet dreams of peace maybe.

    I have exchanged several comments back-and-forth with a lady over in Jordan. I would imagine being a Christian living in Jordan you’re probably not the most popular kid on the block. But she has her faith strongly set on Yashua returning, in the not too distant future. She may be right.

    Gods Peace to you and yours.

    1. Leland, I am very happy to meet you, and I am encouraged by your spirit and Spirit. Blogging is a wonderful way to create connections, isn’t it? LifeSpring is my first and only church plant; it was in my late 50’s that I couldn’t do the traditional church route anymore because of its limitations. Hence the church plant. I look forward to keeping up with you. Blessings. Bruce

  2. Day one and two, I guess even days three at Blogging 101 caught me off guard I guess. I haven’t been to school for quite a while. I wasn’t sure if I had left my URL at your site on the Commons that other day but then I just realized that I had. So I guess I just left you a message on the Commons a few minutes ago. I will have to put your URL on my favorites list so I can find it easy. Talk to you later.

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