She reads my mind.

Bella 01Hundreds of other times

I call to her saying, “Come in girl,”

And proffer a doggie treat,

Peanut butter or chicken.


Hundreds of other times

I call her in from her outside romp.

She comes in and pauses near me

Waiting patiently.


But not this time….


I am only thinking, “I should take her for a walk.”

But I never say it to her,

Nor tell her I’ve got to put the harness on her.

My thoughts remain my secret.


Hundreds of other times she pauses and waits for a pat.

But this time she runs away to the other room

As if my my uncommunicated thought was

Broadcast through a megaphone.


Hundreds of other times she comes to receive a treat.

But this time she stands away and only stares at me.

When I say, “Come” and move toward her

She bolts to the other room.


Hundreds of other times she knew I was only giving her a treat.

This time she was prescient and knew I had the hidden harness.

We go on the walk but only after I get on my knees

And beg in the most pathetic way,


“C’mon girl.”