Lord, I love mankind….

Da Vinci's Man

Lord, I love mankind

Beautiful, lovely humanity

Humanity, the ideal

Humanity, full of potential

Humanity so vast I can’t touch it

Or be inconvenienced by it.


Lord, I love mankind,

It’s people I can’t stand.

Troublesome, problematic people.

People who treat me rudely.

People whose language I don’t understand

People who won’t hold the door or look me in the eye.


Lord, I love mankind,

But please don’t ask me to understand a different culture

Or give my money away

Or talk to a homeless person

Or babysit for a single mom

Or forgive someone I hate.


Lord, I love mankind,

But people are so inconvenient.

They offend me and hurt me.

Why do I have to love someone who has so many problems?

So messy and flawed and undeserving.

Unlike me…..


Lord, I love mankind, but people are problematic.

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