Merced Organizing Project

When the U.S. was embroiled in the Vietnam war, she enlisted the help of the Hmong, a Laotian mountain people, as allies in the war against the communists. The Hmong were fierce warriors and a great help to the U.S., but they were also targeted for extermination by the communists in Laos during the war and after the war concluded. Estimates are that two-thirds of the Hmong died as a result.

Tsia Xiong was about 6 years old when his own family decided to flee Laos. They lived about 6 years in a Thailand refugee camp and eventually migrated to the United States. The experiences of Tsia and his family have made him a strong advocate for people who suffer, who are disenfranchised, or poor, or unprotected. So it’s not surprising that he is the founder and chief organizer of the Merced Organizing Project.

This video is my interview with a capable and wise man who dedicates his life to helping people improve their communities.

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  1. Tsia is a great choice for the first of what will surely be a great series of video interviews.

    Well done.

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