The Importance of the Arts

Fat Lady SingingRichard Florida wrote about the importance of the Arts in his best-seller-book, The Rise of the Creative Class. Florida writes that “The nation’s geographic center of gravity has shifted away from traditional industrial regions toward new axes of creativity and innovation.” Page 11.

Arts are important to cities that want to promote social and economic growth. People flow to the places where creativity and innovation exist, yet, ironically, the Arts are frequently what first get cut in stressed budgets. This has been evident in the national demise of arts programs in our schools despite the fact that they contribute positively to the educational experience.

The Merced Multi-Cultural Arts Center is facing possible closure because of shrinking funds. The people of Merced now have a great opportunity to express an opinion about the importance of The Arts by helping the Arts Center to keep its doors open. On June 10 the MCAC will have a 24-hour fundraiser that begins at 6:00 PM and ends on June 11 at 6:00 PM. MCAC will be open the entire 24 hours in order for Mercedians to walk in contributions small and large to help keep the doors open for the next year.

MCAC helps make our community strong and attractive. The presence of a vibrant arts community helps to to enrich the lives of Mercedians, give our children a strong educational environment, and makes us attractive to business.

For more information about the effort to save MCAC, go to Facebook for the 24-hour fundraiser information as well as other opportunities to lend a hand.

Will you join me on June 10 in walking in a contribution to help the Arts in Merced?