The Problem of Evil

Crying FaceHe and his wife were childless at a time when one would normally hear the sounds of children echoing throughout the house.

Well-meaning friends told him that God didn’t want them to have children. “God has something else in mind for you,” they assured, apparently thinking that was comforting information. Their knowing assurances only made him angry. Angry at his comforters and angry at God.

He and his wife wondered why God would keep them from having a child when people all around were pushing children out like a snack vending machine. Especially people who were abusive, dysfunctional, and uncommitted.

Why indeed? He and his wife were loving, well-educated, and caring. They would give children every advantage possible.

They suffered. Not like someone who has experienced violence or loss of some sort, but they suffered nonetheless. His friends sounded like the “miserable comforters” that Job called friends, Job 16:2.

His questions about suffering are universal and often faith breakers for those who are wounded by them. Why would a good and loving God allow suffering? If God has ultimate power, why can’t he stop the awfulness of the world?

Two children came along to the couple, born naturally and of their own genes–bright, energetic, and blessed by a good home.

Their “miserable comforters” did not remember that they vended bad advice and still think they have an inside track on the mind of God.

Having had this experience these new parents do not propose to speak for God nor do they think that the huge questions of life and suffering should be treated with such cavalier answers.