How to Connect with People

Networking is not rocket science. It does require some discipline and thought however. The results are worth the effort. Here are the steps to becoming a dynamite networker.

  1. Always carry business cards or other forms of identification that you can share with others. You never know when someone will ask you for contact information.
  2. Join groups that put you in contact with the kinds of people with whom you want to network. In other words, if you’re looking for business, join the Chamber of Commerce. If you’re looking for deeper spiritual connections, find a faith community.
  3. When you attend a social function, act like you’re the host. Of course you’re not really the host, but visualizing yourself differently will change the way you approach people.
  4. Look for ways to bring value to others. Actively look for ways to make business referrals or extend kindness to others. They will begin to respect you and look for ways to return the favor.
  5. Keep a contact list of the people you meet. Rolodex, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and plain paper address books are all legitimate ways to keep these all-important contacts in. Send the people in your contact list birthday cards, thank you’s, and other expressions as appropriate. You’ll stand out as a person who treats others as more than just a number.