VoteI got to the polls at 6:45 AM; polls opened at 7:00 AM.  There were about four of us in line by the time the door opened.  I wanted to get this done before there were long lines to wait on.  The ballot had two sheets.  I inserted them both in the ballot box, and it kicked them out.  “Oh great!” I thought.  My vote doesn’t count.

The machine said something like, “The machine detects two pieces of paper.”  I separated them, inserted the first one, and in it went.  “Whew.”

By 7:05 AM I had finished voting, and the room was filled with voters.  There was also a long line out the door.  I don’t think it was that way all day, however, it was a good indication of the kind of passion that exists for this election.

It has been an interesting day to me because lots of people wanted to talk about the election.  Many assumed they knew where my sympathies and convictions lay.  They talked about how they voted and why.  I listened.

Some of the issues were cut and dried for me.  High Speed Rail is important for the Valley economy.  Measure M would be a boon to our school system and much needed.  Other issues left me feeling uncertain, even ambiguous. 

I’ve had good friends on all sides of the issues sharing their points of view with me.  I love them all.  I think that is what makes this election both difficult and crucial.