Merry Christmas

IMG_2734Our California grandsons had never seen snow, so our son suggested a family trip up to the mountains.  We didn’t know how far we would have to go.  At Mariposa we asked some locals at Burger King where we should go.  “Go to Fish Camp,” they said.  “Tenaya Lodge has a groomed sled run on their property, and it’s a great place to take kids.”

Sure enough, the snow was plentiful and the sled run was groomed and fast.  Caleb, our 5–year-old grandson loved the snow so much he would cast himself into it as if jumping on to a feather bed.  He went down the sled run time after time, grinning and giggling all the way down.  Will, the 3–year-old, preferred rolling snow balls and throwing them at whoever was available. 

Our little snow trip was simple, cheap pleasure.  Caleb went down the sled run on his boogey board, designed for ocean use not sledding.  Will preferred the simplicity of snowballs.  None of this fun cost anything, but the laughter was real and priceless.  Come to think of it, this would make a good Mastercard ad.  “Gas to go to the snow, $40.  Snacks for the ride up, $10.  Sliding down the mountain, priceless.”